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Pride Day One. A gorgeous day. Sunny, not too hot, just a little breeze to keep your hair from ever being perfect… A girl couldn’t ask for better weather.

Dulcinea was working all morning, so I took Marta to the Pride Grounds by myself, intending to meet up with her when she finished. I’m always a tad nervous when I’m out en femme by myself. You never know who you’ll encounter or what might happen. As it was, I met a bright-eyed little kid on the train. He couldn’t have been more than three years old, too shy to speak. He was very interested in my Wonder Woman purse, and we played the tentative game of two shy people interacting. He was a little darling.

Marta got more and more crowded the closer we got to the park. I had no idea there were so many queers in this area. The sheer number of people, not to mention their accompanying styles and colors, is overwhelming. I couldn’t help but smile as a feeling of home enveloped me. I ended up stepping into the Pride Grounds well after the trans* pride parade had started, so I just wandered the park, content to soak up the ambiance of so many incredible people in one place.

People watching is one of my secret hobbies. I suspect many people do it; I know I got a few extra long looks as I swam the sea of people. Maybe I was being read. Maybe I was just gorgeous. Either way, smiles and nods of acknowledgement, a polite hi, and we moved along. Normally, I’d be really anxious about being read, but at Pride, I guess that’s not really an issue. There were far more interesting/distracting people out there than me, and I think we were all happy to have a space we could just be comfortable being in.

Eventually I met up with Dulcinea, though by that time my feet hurt and I was ready to go home. I felt bad about wanting to leave just when she joined me, but we were both hungry and there would be the next day to explore more. So, we went home and had some time to ourselves, cuddling and taking photos.

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